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Seminars and Workshops


Parents Seminar


Developing a plan for generating and maintaining parent training program

Annual Conferences

Kids under Construction

Parenting Skills building

Appropriate growth and development of children of children the socialization process

Creating a opportunity for College

The four year plan of more


Staff Development

Creating a positive human relations climate

Develop a plan of action for professional growth and development training

Anger management and more


Organization Management

Working as a team

Creating collaboration

Team problem solving

Project management

Quality at work

Excellence in supervision

Assessing your organization needs and develop an action plan



Christian Education

Active Christian parenting

Teaching parenting skill from a Christian perspective under Christian values

Preparing youths for ministry examining priorities in a Christian daily life


Seminar Fee's and Payment Options:


Please Contact:

323 719-2003 or  323-905-2411 ucan@ucanintl.org


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